Global Warming Essay

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Iris Chuang
Sep. 20, 2013 Do you think you, as an individual, can contribute to the solution for environment? One event can bring good effect and opposite effect at the same time, in other words, technology can let community more convenience and prosperous; however, it can attack our environment, either. As you can see, the global climate has been changed dramatically in five years. Many scholars in every country have been researched this issue and try to figure out how to improve our environment, therefore, this topic became hottest topic in the worlds. Every person has their own opinions about causing global warming and cooling perspectives. Now, there are 3 viewpoints of mine about comparing two articles of global climate. “The point is that the ecological crisis is essentially beyond “our” control and it cannot possibly be altered or reversed by simple individual actions, even by the actions of the millions who take part in Earth Day- Even if they all go home and fix their refrigerators and from then on walk to work.” was cited from first article. (Kirkpatrick sale, no date) I disagree this author and I think every single person in the world should take their responsibility to protect their environment. Even though our slight power can not reverse the true, we should start the action in our life and people around us will be affect by us. As a result, we can collect more and more power to protect our environment. If the citizens don’t care their environment, why the factories should care about? Government should raise people awareness to do some actions for our environment; citizens will watch over factories’ dealing pollution process. “Despite the numerous flaws and ambiguities in trying to link human behavior and global warming, activists and their allies in government use emotion and alarmism to make their case. They are seeking to cut off any reasonable debate and silence their critics by saying these people are motivated by corporate and personal greed and don't care about pollution. That, however, is hardly the case.” was cited from second article. (Deneen Borelli, no date) According this paragraph, the author mentioned some of people who proposed some solutions are not really consider the environment. Their motivation is on money. For example, some of businessman claimed their products are environment-friendly. However, researchers indicated the product not only had some ingredients which were bad for environment, but also had bad effect on consumer’s body. They let their scheme reasonable by using environmental slogan to swindle consumers who want to protect environment. Researchers found out more and more cases at the same way. Gradually, most of citizens don’t know which they can believe and have a “just let it be” thought. People choose that they do not want to care more about this issue because it not imperils them yet. Comparing two articles, the authors both don’t mention the solution. The first article pointed out we couldn’t change the truth and couldn’t improve the environment by our slightly power. The second article pointed out the government is trying to curtail our liberty by dubious statistics to control the global warming; however, the author against this idea. She felt why we should sacrifice our way of life based on fears of an unproven