Global Warming Essay

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Blayke Thomas
Professor Chandra
English 0990
C/E Essay
November 1, 2014
Global Warming The seas are rising, rain patterns are changing, and polar ice is vanishing. Unfortunately, these are the sad realities currently within our Earth and they are all a result of global warming. Through human actions, such as burning fossil fuels and the destruction of forests, humans have altered Earth’s heat balance and as a result, have raised the temperatures on Earth. Over the past ten years, Earth’s climate has increased as a direct result of the negative actions by Earth’s inhabitants. Since humans have played a major role in increasing Earth’s temperatures, one of the only ways to fix the problem is through the humans who hurt it in the first place. Many people believe that the climate change is an important problem and understand that it needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. However, most people are not interested in or involved in learning how to lessen their impact of greenhouse gases and other detrimental environmental practices. This essay will examine the effects of global warming and suggest some ways of solving the problem. Many problems could result from global warming. One of the biggest problems is rising sea level. This could result in the flooding of low lying coastal areas and cities, such as Egypt, the Netherlands, and Bangladesh. Some countries might even disappear completely! Another problem caused by global warming is changes in weather patterns. Many areas of the world are experiencing increased hurricanes, floods, and other unusual weather. A third problem associated with global warming is the effect on animals. Fish populations could be affected, while some insects which spread disease might become more common. There are several things we can do to solve the problem of global warming. One solution is to stop producing C02. We can do this by switching from oil, coal and gas to renewable energy. Another solution is to plant more trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which is not a greenhouse gas. A third solution is to use less energy and to recycle more products. Generating electricity is one of the main sources of carbon dioxide. If we use less electricity, we will produce less C02. I feel global warming has a huge effect on the denial of people. When people are in denial over climate change, they believe it is not occurring in our Earth and that their actions do not have any negative effects towards the environment.