Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming
Global warming is the increase of the earth’s temperature due to the greenhouse effect where gasses such as carbon dioxide released from the burning of fossil fuel. Global warming is threating our very way of life and is causing a lot of controversy between people who believe in global warming, and people who think it’s not true at all. The question though, is how will we deal with this issue? If this issue is not dealt with soon, we will find ourselves in a commotion and crisis. Global warming is a huge issue and very real. In this paper, we will talk about global warming, and all of its effects on the world and how nuclear energy can help this problem.
Global warming has the most effect on our ice caps and sea levels. When ice gets hot, it melts. We all know this. But with global warming, it warms the whole globe, which many people believe is just a bunch of bologna. The place that is being affected the most is Antarctica. The ice caps of Antarctica, which are very large, are being subjected to global warming which means, they are being melted every day are raising our sea levels. These ice caps melt because of the heat rays from the atmosphere enter the ice caps which causes them to melt at a fast pace and with all of the melting from Antarctica and Greenland and other bodies of ice, it causes the sea level to rise. A lot of this is happening because of all of the gases stuck in the atmosphere. The ice caps inhabit many species of animals which brings us to my next point.
Global warming also has a big effect on animals. Global warming affects many types of species. As global warming changes the weather, it affects many deserts such as the Sahara, which won’t allow it to inhabit its animal population. Most of the habitat lose is found in Antarctica. It melts the ice caps which make the sea level rise and takes away Islands the animals need to live. All the oil spills along the coast of the oceans hurt and