Global Warming and Emissions Essay

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Global Warming Solution “Important news announcement!!”Rumors are that global warming is caused by excess Co2 emissions making it all the way up to the Earths O Zone layer and thinning it out. Co2 emissions come from a ton of things, but the main two that I have been focusing on are, human breathing, and gas emissions from all the vehicles. So, after years of research I have come up with a few solutions that could possibly save the earth. Solution 1: “Electric Cars”. I have had that planned since the good ole days but someone brought it into production before I could, so that part is getting handled. Simply, no more gas, less emissions. Solution 2: Thousands of years of studying shows that trees and other plants use not only water, but a lot of Co2 emissions to grow. So I have come up with simply the more trees and other plats there are the more emissions the will “soak up” if you will. So I contacted the government on making a law stating you have to have a minimum of 45 trees and a minimum of 20 plants on every citizen’s property. That law is now in effect. And Solution 3: This is the big one. The one I have been studying for decades. My studies show that there are more human breathing Co2 emissions than car gas emissions Thus a human planning on going outside for a number of hours, must wear a hazmat suit for 25% of the time. Each hazmat suit will be lased with a timer, if you do not meet the 25% and you take it off, you will then be arrested. And have to wear