Global Warming and Various Fish Species Essay

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Global Warming Effcts On Earth

The Problems of global warming has multiplied over the years and unfortunately, it continues to multiply, as the tussle between the developed and developing nations to implement emission cuts continues. Global warming is a very serious issue, as its effect on one particular component of earth triggers a series of ill-effects on other related components. For instance, melting polar ice will raise the water level, which will in turn submerge the low lying areas around the world.

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, caused mainly due to increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases are mostly produced as a result of human activity. It has lately become a serious issue, which threatens to disrupt the basic balance of the environment and cause large-scale destruction.

There should be no question on who’s effected by the outcome. Humans, animals, plants, climate, land... you name it and it will be affected by global warming. In fact, some species of plants and animals are already on the verge of extinction. Studies indicate that around 15 to 37 percent of plant and animal species will be wiped off the planet by the year 2050. Changes in climatic patterns have already started to show, sea level is rising… to make it short, we are just heading for destruction.The average temperature of the planet for each year, over the last decade, has been featuring in top 25 high temperatures of all time. In fact, 1998 and 2005 were the hottest years in the history of the Earth. The planet is getting warmer by the day, and just because the change is happening gradually we can't ignore the fact that we are vulnerable to the threat of global warming. In fact, the appropriate phrase would be - 'the entire planet is threatened by its hazards.

A large number of animal species will disappear from the planet, owing to the loss of habitat triggered by global warming. There is no doubt that many animals will bear the brunt of climate change attributed to it. In fact, it's feared that sooner or later it will trigger a mass extinction, and one-third of the animal species will become extinct by 2050.
Polar bears depend on ice formed on the sea when hunting. If the ice melts, the range of polar bear will decrease to a great extent, and this loss of habitat will in turn lead to a decline in the polar bear population.
Penguins, Melting sea ice will also result in decline in the growth of algae, which in turn will result in decline of tiny organisms, such as krill shrimp, which constitute a very important part of the penguin diet. And thus, scarcity of food and loss of habitat will eventually drive the penguins towards extinction.
Arctic Fox, Warm temperature has been driving the Arctic fox further north in search of cooler habitat, but the rate at which we are losing colder regions, the Arctic fox is bound to lose the battle for survival sometime soon.
These were just a few of the animals which are threatened by global warming. The long list includes caribou, butterflies, hibernating animals, migratory birds and various fish species as well.

The repercussions of these effects of global warming on earth will also be felt on the economy of various countries. The most affected would be the countries