Global Warming Debate Essays

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In the controversy over whether Global Warming there is two sides in which people can choose either human caused or just Mother Nature doing her thing. Most scientists will tell you that Global Warming is mostly the cause of humans. While there are some who will disagree and say that it is just nature doing what it has done for thousands of years. For most scientists the topic of global warming is one that is caused by us humans. They have many facts data to back this up. Some examples of these facts and data are the change in CO2 levels in the atmosphere, the rapid increase in temperature, stronger storms such as hurricanes, melting ice caps, decrease in permafrost, and the Larsen A & B ice shelves. These are some of the biggest …show more content…
Melting ice caps are also a major concern, especially Greenland’s ice cap. This is a major concern because with the amount of (fresh) water that it feeds into the ocean it can raise sea levels because while if one of Antarctica’s ice caps melt than it isn’t as big of a deal because the ocean has already accounted for the amount of water that it would release because it is already in the water. While once Greenland’s ice cap starts to melt than it is a bigger deal because the water released in to the ocean isn’t accounted for and in turn will raise the sea levels. Also it is dangerous all the fresh water that it would release could end up stopping the oceans currents and dramatically change the world’s climate. To me this is human caused phenomenon because while Greenland’s ice cap has melted before (not completely) it has never melted as much as it has since it has when human population started to increase. While there are many facts supporting human caused Global Warming there are also some facts that help support the side that Global Warming is naturally caused. Some examples of these are the arctic tundra, water vapor, and permafrost. The Arctic Tundra can be seen in both lights of the Global Warming controversy. It can be seen as a natural contributor to Global Warming because as it starts to warm and thaw it starts to release tons of carbon into the air.