Global Warming: Dependence Of Man On The Environment

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Global Warming

SCI 207 Dependence of Man on the Environment

Global Warming
I. Introduction
A. Thesis Statement

Climatic change is the gradual rise in earth's average temperature. Climatic change is actual and usually a result of people burning up non-renewable fuels for electricity. Research has shown ecological changes on a level unparalleled in history we all know it, like melting of polar ice caps, enhanced desertification, increasing sea levels, as well as huge species extinction. Climatic change presents a major risk for tomorrow’s future. We are already watching a worrying alternation in tornadoes, and climate patterns this year. This document will concentrate on climatic change, the effect because of human activities, as well as the attempts which the mankind should take to halt climatic change in order to restore our planet in the interest of our generations to come. (Turk & Bensel, 2011).

II. Body paragraph #1

A. Greenhouse gasses retain heat radiated from the Earth's floor following it has taken the sun's energy, however it was not till 1896 when a Swedish physicist and chemist known as Svante Arrhenius demonstrated that doubling the carbon dioxide content of the air would steadily increase world temperatures by 5 to 6 °C that was an unexpectedly prescient outcome which was practically overlooked by other researchers that were keen about describing the ice ages. Climatic change has been a result of a rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide from the burning up of classic fuels. Scientists these days must think about the possibility that human actions were causing climatic change. (Turk & Bensel, 2011).

III. Body paragraph #2
A. Greenhouse effect is “the climatic change in our environment due to the existence of carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gases, which retain the sun's rays.”(Turk & Bensel, 2011, sec 7.1). The Greenhouse gases are the major contributors of the climatic change, and they are predicted to keep increasing. Greenhouse gases for example carbon dioxide, methane, as well as nitrous oxide retain heat in earth's surroundings and for that reason cause rising the temperature of earth. The increased release of these types of gases is the main reason for climatic change.

IV. Body paragraph #3
The effect on global warming because of human activities.
Global warming is enhanced by human activities as well as demand on resources. Mankind enhances the emissions of greenhouse gases in our surroundings by using autos, facilities, and electrical as well as industrial plants. The supply and demand of mankind on farming is yet one more main element in relation to climatic change. Farming needs the use of fertilizers, gases, devastation, and clearing of our forests. Every year increasingly more trees are being taken out to satisfy the worldwide food