Global Warming Evidence Essay

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Colleen Braun
AP Econ 3
Global Warming/Evidence Global Warming is caused by greenhouse gases. These gases; carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases, cause heat to remain in the earths atmosphere. Its called the greenhouse effect; the more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the long the heat remains in the atmosphere. It works the same way as a greenhouse; the earths atmosphere is the glass of the greenhouse (the glass also works as the greenhouse gases). Global warming is a natural occurrence, the earth goes through cycles of heating and cooling. the only problem with the current global warming is that humans are causing the heating process to speed up, with the excess releasing of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
There is a lot of evidence that supports global warming. The global temperature, and the temperature of the ocean is rising, the sea level is rising. The Arctic Sea Ice, ice sheets, glaciers, are shrinking. Not to mention the acidification of the ocean, and an increase of wildfires.
Global temperatures are increasing, no matter how small the temperatures all around the world continue to increase. The number of cold days and record lows are decreasing, while the number of hot days and record highs ate only increasing. Proof of global warming can be seen the most in air temperatures. As global temperature

increases, so does the number and severity of wildfires. With temperatures rising, it's getting warmer, but also dryer in certain areas. Deserts for example. It can be seen around california and arizona that there is a drought, causing the everything to be really dry. with everything so dry it only takes a small mistake to cause a wildfire.