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Global warming - A threat to our very existence
Global warming has been described as the biggest environmental threat facing humanity. It is indeed a very complex phenomenon. In the simplest of terms it is an increase in the average temperature of the Earth. From ozone depletion to hurricanes, global warming has various hazardous effects on our lives.
Tornadoes rip through the heart of downtown Los Angeles, leaving thousands dead and destroying countless homes and apartment blocks. In New York City, massive storms & flash floods paralyze downtown Manhattan. Hundreds perish as giant hailstones the size of footballs batter Tokyo.
Sounds like complete fiction? It will not be if all of us continue our lifestyle the way we are without bothering to give a little thought about serious effects that can occur eventually. A Hollywood blockbuster, The Day After Tomorrow depicted a catastrophic vision of world struck by rapid climate change, a world where no one was safe and disaster could be struck at an uncertain time, so did movies like 11th hour and 2012. In the documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, Al Gore, former Vice President, projected a similar image and provided critical analysis of the current state of environment due to climate change and global warming. A “planetary emergency—a crisis that threatens the survival of our civilization and the habitability of the Earth”—that is how he describes global warming. Most environmental groups and organisations preach the same message. So do many journalists, news and informative channels and some scientists. Internet is also playing a crucial role in increasing awareness globally. If it were not for this tool many people would not have even known about the climate change. Also the failure of Copenhagen earth summit have enabled millions of people over the globe understand the gravity of this adverse situation as it ended without a binding agreement. There has been a change in the level of awareness among people in relation to climate change but is still not sufficient as it is not just enough to be aware and not take any eco-friendly actions in our normal day to day lives. It is up to us whether we heed it or mislead from it.
Climate change is actually causing wild temperature swings and a dramatic rise in storms, heat waves and other extreme weather events. I personally feel that this appalling situation can be mathematically represented as global warming = grave circumstances terrorizing Earth and all its inhabitants.
To understand what’s happening with our climate, it’s worth bearing in mind, from a scientific standpoint, that we need to distinct the real from the unreal. People fear potentially catastrophic consequences but there has been a disturbing lack of understanding about global warming and what can be done about it. Myth#1 Global warming is just a theory; experts have not made up their mind
Fact#1 The experts are certain – global warming is happening and we are causing it. It’s a matter of utmost concern.
Myth#2 It is not clear what’s happening or how much the weather will modify in future.
Fact#2 The climate is definitely altering and the speed of these changes is set to accelerate and the speed of these changes is set to accelerate alarmingly.
Myth#3 over all global warming will not have much of an impact on our planet.
Fact#3 It is already wreaking havoc on many of the world’s habitats and could also cause mass extinctions on a scale never seen or experienced previously.
Myth#4 Global warming will not have any drastic effects.
Fact#4 One may not notice it, but it already is. Global warming kills thousands of people around the world every year. It will have a serious impact.
Myth#5 There is nothing anyone can or will do about this.
Fact#5 This threat of a disastrous situation can still be averted but only if individuals, governments and big business act now. They must be persuaded to take action to protect the common interest.
Myth#6 The world