Global Warming Research Paper

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Nowadays, in many countries, there are many problems about environment. Global warming on the earth is becoming more serious. This essay will discuss the causes and effects of global warming.

One of the main causes of global warming is carbon dioxide emissions. My point is about the way people pollute the environment. All human activities in real life such as using cars, burning fuel result in increasing carbon dioxide emissions. Because carbon dioxide emissions comes from the burning of gasoline in internal-combustion engines of cars and it also comes from the burning of fossil fuel such as oil, natural gas and coal for the purpose of electricity generation.

In addition,many industrial companies are developing at a high rate.Emissions from them are toxic and it's difficult to settle toxic product.Moreover,most of emissions were left on the river or where people live.This pollutes water sources and habitat.

Second cause is methane which is cause of greenhouse effects.Rate of natural methane is higher than methane from industry and natural methane is icelike combinations on the sea floor.Drying water can increase methane on the earth.When methane escape the sea,it can exist long time in the air and can becomes carbon dioxide.

Then, we can examine some effects of this problem

The first effect is climate change.The summer is longer and hotter,the winter is shorter and colder.This leads to habitat change. Ices melt because of higher temperature.Some islands