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Thesis: Global warming is a very complex issue in terms of science and economics. Some believe that Global warming is the beginning of the end of the world. While others believe that it is completely a hoax. I personally believe that Global warming is over-hyped. It is just another example of the media getting a hold of something and blowing it out of proportion. Despite your personal views of Global Warming one fact can’t be argued, which is that the government is spending a lot of money related to global warming. I believe government is spending too much on global warming. I. The funding for Global Warming needs to be reduced. A. According to Gene Koprowski of Fox News the 2011 budget plans for $2.6 Billion to be spend on Global Warming Research. Not only is that number staggering by itself, but the 2011 budget is 21% than the budget in 2010 (1). The country has a huge amount of debt, and so many other places that the money could be spent. Worst of all the money is being on something that is not guaranteed to fix the problem. The money is being spent on research. Tens of billions of dollars have been spent on climate research in the last 20 years, and there remains no consensus on the science (Koprowski). B. Global warming is out of our control. Global warming is actually a natural occurrence. The world goes through periods of warming and cooling (Global Warming). Global warming occurs from natural events such as volcanic eruptions and the way that the earth spins (Global Warming). We cannot control nature, that is a well known fact. All of this money is being spent on ways to try to stop global warming though. Besides coming up with extreme ideas, such as pumping sulfur into the atmosphere to block the sun, the research has come to no avail. Anyone can come up with a hypothetical idea to fix global warming but a legitimate plan will not be discovered. C. As everyone, except the government themselves, know the US has a serious debt problem. Government spending is out of control and this is a prime example. The government could be spending the money much more productively. Such as subsidizing small business development or for paying debts. An alarming fact is that the federal budget had an increase of spending on global warming of 21%. While the increase in the budget for paying off debt only increased by 18% (US Gov). The government increased spending on research; something that we will never know if it will actually be successful. While paying off our debts is something that we know we need to do. II. Reasons why funding should not be cut for global warming research. A. Research could lead to discoveries that would be able to stop global warming which would help save our planet. a. While I am not arguing that research