Globalisation Is a Euphamism for Neo-Colonialism Essay

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Globalisation is a euphemism for neo-colonialism. Discuss.

Globalisation is a complex and multifaceted issue (Bayliss 2008:252). However, this essay will on the imbalance between western powers and the developing world and consequential exploitation, which, rather than being condemned as neo-colonialism, is justified as globalisation. The end of colonial rule did not mark the end of the trend of economic control and exploitation of the developing world (Manzo 2009:267). The cultural, political and economic effects of globalisation upon the developing world resemble that of neo-colonial power – an inequality that is defended by the benevolence of neo-liberalism and egalitarianism of the free market. This essay will focus on the cultural
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The consequence is a developed world dominated by Western products e.g. Coco cola; the best selling drink in the world (Coca Cola 2010). Under the theory of neo-colonialism, neo-colonial states are obliged to purchase manufactured products from imperial powers to the deficit of local products (Nkrumah 1968:ix). The culture and products of powerful societies are not imposed upon weak societies by force or occupation (Crawford 2002:131, Sklair 2002:168) but underhandedly via an internationally dominant media ‘limited to Anglo-American interests’ (Lee 1980:82). Whilst globalization arguably encourages multiculturalism (Bayliss 2008:423), a disparate International system has created a dominant culture within the global community (Kymlicka 1991:182) that exploits its status to the demise of the developing world (Golding and Harris 1997). Colonialism saw a moral arrogance with missionaries striving to create ‘a replica of ones own country upon the natives’ (Emerson 1969:13-14) a ‘noble purpose of saving the wretched.' (Horvath 1972:46) Colonial powers occupied weaker states, imposing culture, religion and values based upon a superiority of power, policing and governing without legitimacy (Crawford 2002:131-133). Similarly neo-colonialism operates in ‘political, religious, ideological and cultural spheres’ where the powerful ‘transform “the other” into