Globalisation: Third World and Globalisation Essay

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Globalisation is a growth worldwide. This means a business or service that has grown to a worldwide scale from the smaller business that it originally was. Globalisation could be seen as the process of which regional economies, societies and cultures have become passed on through communications, transport and trade.

The positive effects that I would like to focus on are technology and services, transportation, common trade and cost efficiency. Firstly, technology and services have changed dramatically through globalisation and changed the way we live. For example, the way that computer technology has advanced from simple basic windows software to the highest quality technologies. This is a positive change as now creating a document is more time and cost efficient. Secondly, movement/ travel and how the community can move from place to place through public transport, personal travel or further travelling (this also links to technology as without it none of this transport would be possible). An example of public transport is that trains were lacking in technology in the past whereas now we have more destinations, more trains and presentation of the trains. Personal travel such as cars, were limited due to technology and cost. We didn’t have the technology to make powerful engines or money to make them and cars were expensive to run. Also, further travelling was extremely limited as there were hardly any planes or ferries due to cost and technology again.

Another aspect of globalisation is common trade. An example of common trade is how the first world countries began abusing the idea that it was cheaper to have products made in third world countries as they were cheaper to employ. Therefore, this was a positive outcome as the businesses and products needed their services to grow and increase profits.

Finally, cost efficiency has changed in a positive light as if you had a certain product such as a television in the past it would have been almost unaffordable for some. Then globalisation started to increase pricing but also salary. It is also down to competition within businesses to lower the prices. This is positive as it always encouraged companies to improve to beat others.

The first negative aspect of globalisation is on the economy as to have a strong economy we would need a lot of businesses in our own country. Now our economy has weakened due to common trade. An example of this is called Bradford and Bingley who crashed due to common trading in America when their economy crashed because of manufacturing trade so did our economy. This is negative as when the economy crashes then we begin to loose businesses and jobs that are needed to keep the system flowing.

Secondly, social features; this basically means that how each country had their own identity and culture in which the countries represented them and were recognised by. An example of this is how the identity and culture of each country has changed is how England where we had a history of culture has been faded out. This is a negative effect of globalisation as loosing heritage means that we lose what our country and what other countries