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Canada’s identity has changed and globalization takes part into this. There are three dimensions of globalization, economic, political and social globalizations, which make up what globalization really is and how it affects individuals. Those three dimensions can hurt and benefit us in many ways.

The following quote “Canada embraces globalization because we are the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity.” – M. McLuhan is an accurate statement. Canada is a multicultural country and it is hard for Canada to have an actual identity. Everyone has their own identity that shapes Canada and individuals. Globalization affects your identity without you even knowing it. It changes your perspectives on things that interest you, how you dress, what you eat and others. Think about your clothing, most of them say Made in China, USA and other countries. On the economic perspective, economic globalization helps many people and countries but it can also hurt them. For almost as long as people lived, they have taken part in trade. They used their economic skills, people traded many things they needed and things that would help them. Lets recall what happened in 2005 in British Columbia about bringing Wal-Mart into town. Bringing it into town would hurt the other stores in town because they wont be making as much money as they did before. Wal-Mart is a transnational corporation and has been driven by the desire of profit like other companies. Lets take a look into another dimension.

Globalization can also affect a high level of political decision making in our country. It can come from the form of international political pressure. In Canada, our government representatives abide by international agreements the government has signed with other countries. Canada belongs to global organizations like the United Nations, the G8, La Francophonie, and NATO. The leaders of countries that are in these groups hold meetings to discuss international economic, social, and political issues. They all work together to help each other, for example the tsunami in Southeast Asia took the lives of 150 000 people and within hours Canadians were reacting to the news and pictures that were displayed by the media. Many citizens took action, and began donating funds and calling political representatives to take action as well. Every one participated; individuals pressured governments to send humanitarian aid. Therefore all the quick reaction to the issue of governments everywhere was political globalization at work. Even though political globalization can influence it can affect more than humanitarian efforts it can even influence the form of government people want to have. In Canada the form of government it has is democracy. Democracy is a great example of a political idea that has spread from country to country for ages. The people who believe in this kind of government believe that it improves people’s standard of living and improves many things it also brings people freedom, which it really does. How fast they governments responded is impossible to do without the social media, lets take a look.

Globalization is more than just transfer of needs and want’s, it is also the transfer of culture. The social dimension of globalization refers to the impact of globalization on the life and work of people. It also affects our identity and culture. What you listen to, the clothes you wear, what