Globalization and Jihad Pro Jihad Essay

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Jihad vs. McWorld: Coaching
Re-reading text multiple times
Take time to understand the text
Reading it paragraph by paragraph
Questioning/annotating the text

Big Picture
Thesis: The tendencies of what am here calling the forces of Jihad and the forces of McWorld operate with equal strength in opposite directions.

Paragraph by paragraph
2. Jihad and McWorld are in conflict with each other. Outcome is more chaos and less democracy.

3. A listing of the values of McWorld. Market, resource, information/technology, ecological. These values have overcome divisions of society.

4. Power is guided more to transnational corporations and less to individual countries. Borders of nations are less important to trade.

5. Enforced peace by letting go of ideological and religious beliefs and focusing more on free trade.

6. People are split up by jobs, not religion.

7. Need resources that are dependent on one another for interconnection.

8. All resources are limited. Early America limitless but rapid consumption of resources.

9. Technologies unite us all along with our issues.

10. Science and capitalism are allies because they both require collaboration, rationality and the exchange of resources.

11. Technology supplies a common language.

12. In a globalized world, secrecy and science are enemies.

13. You could do more with culture and values than you could with technology.

14. Freedom with your money but not with the government.

15. Keep up with the interdependency of countries or fall behind.

1. There are people who do not obey McWorld.

2. Nationalism has created a new reality of Jihad.

3. Wars in between otherwise peaceful countries.

4. The aim of all these wars is to redraw national boundaries and reclaim cultural individuality.

5. Communism was a faze and now that its gone we are back to war.

6. Jihad is a religious struggle of the people.

7. The result of a Jihad is the breaking down of civility.

8. Neither Jihad nor McWorld are democratic.

9. McWorld offers an incomplete prospect of peace.

10. European goals that seem to be focused on democracy have a deeper