Globalization and People Essay

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How Are We Global? What does it mean to be “global?” There are multiple definitions that describe what and how we are global. The term globalization is the process of intense global interconnectedness and movement of goods, information, and people, is a major force of contemporary cultural change. Globalization causes positive and negative effects from one culture to the next. It allows different cultures to improve and progress or it may destroy and ruin them (18). We are “global” everyday, especially since we live in America. We are global even when we do not even know it. From our lifestyles, what we consume, and wear are micro cultures of the big picture, which is globalization. People consume food, beverages, and material good. I can honestly say I consume on a regular basis. The term consumption means to “intake” and “output” (108). When I wear a sweater or eat a cookie I am “consuming” them by wearing the sweater and eating the cookie. Those would be an example of “intake.” When I go out and buy the sweater and the cookie that is an example of “output.” So, what does this have to do with globalization? Globalization impacts consumerism throughout the world. The resources we use are shared within and out of the country. When I look at the tag of my clothes most of them range between Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. It is very rare to find items and clothing from America. Because buying material goods outside the United States is cheaper we use that resource and buy from countries that are cheap in price.

People in the world have been striving to be globally aware. Anything to conserve energy and water has been advertised like crazy. Habits create difficulties for us to stay globally aware, especially since “breaking” a habit is complicated to change. Remembering to turn off the water, drive less, wash clothes every once in a while, and take shorter showers are simple things we can change. Asking all people of the work to change their ways is unrealistic, but even if a handful of people start changing their ways, it makes a difference. When I calculated my carbon and water footprint I was shocked at how high the numbers were. When it came to water I use 1,086 gallons per day. It was the average of most people, but the number was still high to me. It was crazy to see how much water is used a day. My carbon footprint was 42.21 tonnes, which is above the average of people in the world. It was funny to see how much carbon was used by the amount I drive. By finding out my results it has mad me want to change my ways completely. I have mixed feelings between globalization being good or bad. I think that it is a good thing because it keeps people informed