Globalization Argumentative Paper

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Globalization Argumentative Paper
Danielle Bennington
June 22, 2013
University of Phoenix

2. Globalization is a way to move services and goods across the world. Some people will argue that globalization brings great benefits, while other people will argue that globalization is basically defective. People have theories about globalization and what affects it brings on third-world countries. Many people believe that globalization helps countries become wealthier; while other people think that globalization tears countries apart. Globalization has opened the door to many business opportunities and good things have occurred all over the World. (1, Premise) Globalization can help the economy and increase trade between nations. A good market will help economies grow and once successful, other economies connected should grow as well. By operating on an open market, businesses can communicate more efficiently and effectively with their customers and suppliers. Open communication may allow businesses to better manage their customers and suppliers. Businesses will have a wide variety to sell their products and make more profit. (1, Conclusion) Globalization opens a door for businesses to market and sell their products in foreign countries. (2, Premise) Globalization creates jobs and is important for economic success in any market. Along with job creation, globalization improves infrastructure and allows people to live at a worldwide