Essay on Globalization: Culture and Pagel

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Globalization has triggered a hyped debate on different cultural groups becoming one. Numerous benefits and opportunities emerge due to globalization and the same factor of change poses certain threats or limitations. Different authors have taken the stage to argue and comment on the aspect of globalization and mostly based on the fact that it has eroded the national cultures which existed before turning the world into one and common culture. The essay analyses and reviews two articles by Kincaidl, (1988) and Pagel, (2012) based on globalization and cultural changes.
The two articles have similar claims based on the fact that they revolve on aspects concerning globalization. Kincaidl, (1988), the author of the first article remarks that the tourists who understand about the exchange currency rates feel more free when they visit Antigua since they think the charges on services rendered will be based on local currency thus being cheap only to find that those rendering these services such as transport services charge in foreign currency, specifically U.S currency. This implies that foreign currency is greatly used in the region due to effect of globalization and different cultures are being merged to one. Pagel, (2012) on the hand indicates that culture traits in modern society have changed and unlike in the oldies whereby people existed in small groups, nowadays, these small groups have come together to form one group. Nowadays as Pagel, (2012) implies, a leader controls a larger group of people unlike in the past whereby this was not evident due to existence of distinct groups in different parts and regions of the world. This implies that people are merging into the same cultural group.
Kincaidl, (1988) further explains that despite the fact that tourists visiting Antigua for the first time might have a different experience on the view and climate of the region but similar behavior is evident in that the drivers might seem to drive recklessly which from one angle of view this might be frighten you on the basis that you are a tourists and it can also frighten you on but as Kincaidl, (1988) states that if one is from New York and take taxis he/she used to this style of driving: most of the taxi drivers operating in New York are from places in the world like this Kincaidl, (1988). In this case, Kincaidl, (1988) tries to justify the fact that people have settled and ventured into businesses in different places and this has been because of globalization.
Pagel, (2012) similarly remarks that an accelerating cultural homogenization seems unstoppable due to the fact that it is greatly supported by aspects such as traveling, social networking, and internet. Tourism as Pagel, (2012) indicates is another aspect which seems to be backing the rapid changes in cultural merging since through visiting different regions, people get to learn and socialize with different cultures and absorb them. According to Pagel, (2012), the manner in which cultural