Globalization Economy Essay

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Globalized economy brings both benefits and risks to either developed countries or developing and less developing countries. The first advantage we can notice directly is the increase of medical facilities and health care. According to Turner (2010), there is an increase of individuals leaving local areas and going abroad in search of medicals. Then, there are several reasons why patients travel abroad. The first reason is, in some countries, the limited resources to access local health care prompt patients to travel to regions where they can receive immediate treatment (Turner 2010). In addition, other patients travel for some illegal problem in their own countries, such as illegal drugs or organ trade. Slambino (2009) pointed that the increase of illicit market of organs has become known as “transplant tourism”, and transplant tourism is patients travel to some other countries which these countries are mostly developing countries, when they need an organ transplant. It usually can be a quite high price for both the patient and the donor when the blood type is exactly matched. Moreover, most people travel abroad for saving cost and finding a place with better quality of medics. However, we cannot ignore the hidden risks. Most people who live in developing countries still can’t afford the cost for travailing, and some of them are used in illegal medical experiments or become a victim in the organ trade. Slambino (2009) also noted that in many situations, people sell their organs without an adequate medical care after the operation. In addition, due to the adventure of the trade, and it is definitely illegal; organ donors could be deceived, and lose both of their organs and money because they do not have a law to ensure the payments.

The second advantage of economic globalization is the increase of work opportunities. According to Bacchetta (2009), there are 40 million additional jobs created by international labour organization which is the organization of the international responsible for…