Globalization Essay Rough Draft

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Katie Marsan
World History 1A Period 4
October 16, 2014
Globalization Essay Rough Draft

Globalization has been a controversial issue for many years. Many people feel that globalization is doing good for our planet by sharing resources and spreading culture. But, many other people believe that all globalization is doing is destroying our planet and destroying cultural diversity. Globalization is supposed to be defined as the spread of culture and ideas throughout the world, but many people see it as dangerous. I believe that globalization is destroying our world culturally and environmentally. If globalization was supposed to be celebrated as a new birth of freedom, the
United States should not have to suggest to its citizens that they should not visit North
Korea. With globalization, people should feel excited about visiting foreign countries, not scared to death that they might be arrested for being American. I believe that if globalization was working how it was said to be, we would not have enemies and every country would be stable. Because of globalization, people are starving to death and have been scared to cross borders.
Because of globalization, too many ideas are being shared too fast. For example, you can’t go into one town without seeing a McDonald’s or Taco Bell. For

some people that might be the best thing ever, but while that is happening, other cultures are being lost. There are very little family owned restaurants or bakeries anymore. Instead there are Starbucks’ and chain restaurants that you can go to whenever and wherever you want. Globalization should be sharing cultures and introducing traditions to other people, not taking them away. Because of globalization, cultural diversity is