Globalization Final Paper Week 2

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(1 Conclusion) Globalization in any form, be it military or pertaining to business is counterproductive to society. These are high words, but there are examples throughout history that show it is not a right thing, in the long run. Globalization by definition is “the act extending an influence to all parts of the world.” Knowing that an influence can be good or bad, in the case of business globalization the control would not be enough, i.e. detrimental to humans and wildlife. (2 conclusion) Globalization can only be good for a planet if the ones in charge are responsible. Only if the ones in charge of the global business create laws that are good and treat people fairly can it ever work. In many occasions though, people are mistreated and are forced into the belief systems of those in charge of the globalization.

Globalization of different varieties has been tried in the past with devastating results. (1Premise) As an example, in ancient times, the Assyrian Empire from the early 25th-24th century BC to 605 BC had globalized, in military and I presume business form, a large amount of the Holy Land, Egypt, and Babylonia. Even though they were an advanced people of their day pertaining to the technology available to them, they were sadistic fighters who did horrible things to the population in the lands they tried to globalize.

(2 Premise) One of the earliest examples of a business like globalization was the attempted construction of the Tower of Babel. Even God was not for that. According to Genesis 11, He came down took a look around at then caused all the people to start speaking different languages. Needless to say, the tower was never built thus the vast marketplace never opened.

(3 Premise) Finally, the argument against globalization also has a modern day assumption. According to Jun Sun and Michael Deem, physicists at Rice University summed it up by saying “However, globalization is a process that reduces modularity because it encourages an equality of trade between entities in different parts of the world. But in naturally evolved systems, far from increasing the robustness of the system to perturbations, a drop in modularity decreases it. Deem, and He hypothesizes that the same thing happens in the global trade network.”

(conclusion) The freedom to be original and have a free market system breeds economic increase as cookie cutter societies, and business plans create a recession.
On the other side of the issue, I admit one would not believe the Holy Bible is God’s inerrant word could not accept an argument based on the stories within it. It can also be argued that we have come a long way from the historic warriors who murdered and tortured anyone in their path, and made them their slaves.

Taking time to research the Hebrew and Greek meaning of words in the Bible and having the courage to talk to people who don’t agree with a “drive-by mentality” of the Bible would significantly change the way most people believe about God’s word. Also, when one reads it, keep in mind the time in which it was written and to whom it was written helps significantly. It does not say we cannot eat