Globalization: Globalization and Natural Andirrecoverable Process Essay

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In these new era, the world is facing so many changes,Internet is a great tool for everyone, and no one can deny it,and of course all technology that the world is making continously every single day, is perhaps for our owncomsuption, and service. But have you ever thought if thoseadvantages which are really important for yourself, wheremade just to satisfy the pokets of rich people who carelessabout enveriomental issues or people’s explotation?. Obviosly you may not be that dramatic, and furthermore that it is notthe only problem of the internationalization. With every passing day, the world is becoming smaller,and the globalization process is taking place. Advances incommunication, transportation, genetics, and computertechnology have all played a role in making the world asmaller place. With the right equipment, people can talk tofriends and family from the other side of the world. Traveling from America to China, which once required months at sea,now only takes hours in the air. Computer networking and faxmachines allow world businesses to conduct negotiations andmoney transactions, within a matter of seconds. Images suchas the McDonalds’s golden arches and Mickey Mouse arerecognized worldwide. Yet, while globalization is taking place,it is not doing so without dispute. Many countries, in fact, feelthreatened by Western culture and consequently, are acting out to preserve their own identities. That’s what I call“Cultural globalization”.People around world moves from a