Globalization In Interior Design

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Problem or crisis statement

With the globe becoming a small place to transact we are seeing interior designing becoming a prominent name in the world. With the utilization of internet, television and magazines it is now possible to instruct ourselves and have a better comprehension of the various trends and themes that are taking place across the globe. It is very important to understand that globalization has had a great impact on interior designing. For architectural firms this is great news as they can now utilize architectural drafting for interior designing purposes. Moreover, it can also be utilized for preparing technical drawing interior design. In this write-up we will discuss about the different integrities related to interior designing
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It has also been found that about 14% of the firms are going for new projects. Interior designing jobs have increased by about 51% in Europe, while Asia and Pacific Rim have declined by 25%. However, China seems to be going strong in this domain. When we talk about US, which accounts for 78% of total projects most of the projects come from Northeast and South and on the West Coast. Most of the issues pertaining to the interior design firms encompass:
• 60% of the firms believe that creating new business / diversifying into new services or segments is a big problem
• 43% of the firms are worried about recruiting qualified staff
• 41% of the firms are not confident of their marketing capabilities
• 40% of the firms are facing problems with training staff
• 22% of the firms have problems with offering staff an apt pay package and benefits
• 20% of the firms are finding it difficult to retain qualified staff
• 13% of the firms are facing problems in keeping track of profits and expenses
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It requires load of dedication and knowledge about architectural drafting for interior designing. An interior designer needs to play multiple roles for the clients. They need to redesign spaces inside the houses and buildings to make them more beautiful, safe and striking. Let us now look at the different steps that help in making you a successful interior designer:

Thorough exploration of the requisite education

You either need a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture which takes about 5 years to complete or a master’s degree in interior architecture of 2 years.

Get extensive education on interior designing and architectural drafting

The next step is to smear to the college or university of your choice. Opt for courses that you are interested in encompassing interior building materials, ecology of design, building codes, interior architecture theory, lighting and color.
Get adequate experience after graduating

Opt for apprenticeship at a design or architecture firm. This will help you gain exposure to how things work out in practical world.

Acquire License from National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)

Take the examination and get the license.

Become an interior designing in architectural drafting company

Try to search for a job which can give you an opening for the post of interior