Essay about Globalization Is Good

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Discussion Questions for Globalization is Good

Taiwan: Discussion questions
1. How has ‘land reform’ contributed to the rapid industrialization of Taiwan?

Back in the 1950s the government of Taiwan started to offer yields of land for families to own and operate off of. The land, which was supplied with food/crop, released man power for industry to prosper. As the government distributed the land, the owners took advantage. Taiwan’s rural beginnings lead to industrial wealth like Mr. Wang, shown in the film. These people’s homes acted as factories inside and out. There was originally cheap labor and long hours which allowed Taiwan to offer cheap goods for western markets.

2. What role have ‘Sweat Shops’ and long hours played
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All of this leads to increased output and increased profits.

11. How has Nike encouraged the growth of small businesses in Vietnam?

Nike encourages others to start business in Vietnam by distributing loans to get them going. Many have prospered from this and business is now strong for them.

12. Will multinationals leave countries such as Vietnam once wage rates improve?
What is the reaction of multinationals to this sort of argument?
In the film, one man points out that Nike has been in countries like Thailand and Indonesia for 20 years. The productivity has gone up just as the wages have gone up. The people of Nike expect the same thing to occur in Vietnam. Even if they move on, Nike has played a pivotal role in developing the Vietnamese economy.

Kenya : Watching the Program: Discussion questions
13. What factors are present within the Kenyan economy that discourage economic growth and improved living standards?

Kenya closed its doors to globalization. The Kenyan government has never given farmers property rights. Land owners are not even allowed to build on their own land and develop it. All rights go to the government. Export restrictions create a lot of poverty. The poverty is due to the lack of reform.

14. What industries are portrayed as booming industries within the