Globalization: Multinational Corporation and General Motor Essay

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Kesha Saio
March 10, 2013
Professor Mason Globalization Stratification effects our lives every day. Many companies has to learn how to speak and communicate with foreign countries. Religion plays a huge part when it comes to the international market. Multinational corporations contribute to explanation of at Least Industrialized Nations. Multinational Corporation work closely with the best Least Industrialized Nations, moving investments to a small circle of power in swapping for its cooperation. General motor are primary gaining profits made in the Least Industrialized Nation. New building provides people with jobs that otherwise would not exist for people in those countries. The new technology creates even more advantages for Least Industrialized Nation. The profits that are generated by General Motor allows people to invest money into the company. General Motor Corporations are increasing in number, there are no shortage of opinions. General Motor also has a negative side because they are not always as good for economics as they initially appear. When General Motor invests in a country they create employment opportunities. General Motor increase the productivity of labor by supplying foreign countries with better training methods. Another negative effect is that unemployment will increase due to labor of General Motor trying to save money.
A disadvantage of this growth is the small and medium size industries are often neglected. General motors was founded in 1908. General Motor Cop. Headquarter in Detroit, with 33 countries making cars and trucks. Many of their products were sold under the brands like: Buick, Chevrolet, GMC and Saturn just to name a few. General Motor has had some issue of their own to deal with. “Not just investors in the financial sector are suffering. Western multinationals involved in production and distribution of goals have been badly hit by falling sales, frozen bank accounts and non-convertible rubles.” (Matloff, J. 1998). General motors competitions now offer information on the Internet. Knowing that general motor decided to do the same and build their brand on the Internet. They now offer comprehensive vehicle information, 3rd party comparison and