Globalization Phenomenon

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Daniel Chingyu Chu
30th July, 2014
Globalization: The Phenomenon On the eve of the twenty-first century, economy has become less and less of a dominating factor of globalization. Environmental, military, social, and some other factors have also contributed greatly to a more interdependent relation between countries (Nye, 257). These factors not only decreased the economic dominance in globalization, but has also accelerated the pace of globalization. Even though factors such as environmental globalization dates way back than economic globalization, these unorthodox factors of cooperation has transformed the reliance on money to knowledge. A realist would see globalization as a positive effect in increasing the security and influence of countries with already a firm military. Globalization increases the flow of information and thus may be used by countries as a mean to enhance security. This explains the spy-warfare phenomena during the Cold War and the prosperity of intelligence agencies of respective nations after that. To realists, economic and military power are still the major concerns and factors pushing globalization. Thus realists would encourage the use of modern information gathering in order for countries to have a stronger economy and military. Realists are not necessary pessimistic toward globalization, but to them globalization isn’t a great deal for international relations. A liberal would beg to differ a realist. Liberals see globalization as a good change that increases cooperation and interdependence, which liberals believe are the essentials to peace. Dealing with environmental issues such as global warming, government and political parties’ use of websites and social media to spread respective political ideas and opinions, and the increase in military cooperation to ensure peace are all benefits that globalization has brought. The ultimate goal for liberals is to increase cooperation, and in this case globalization has made this easier than ever. Constructivism is another optimistic view toward globalization. The social influence on world politics is an effect that