Essay about Globalization: Third World and south Asian Women

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Opportunity, lower poverty rate, and improved lifestyles of children are all positive effects that globalization influences on this world. Can you think of what it would be like to live in a 3rd world country? Before globalization: some jobs were closed to women, a lot of people lived in poverty, and the lifestyle of children was very poor. Globalization positively affects 3rd world countries.

Globalization lets local businesses tap into international markets. Globalization helps 3rd world countries. “The economic reality turns into opportunity” states Schaffer (Ly). Globalization sends jobs abroad to 3rd world countries giving south Asian women opportunity to do more than only familial duties. In the past some jobs were closed to south Asian women; now because of globalization companies provide opportunity for careers that help them earn wages (Ly). So in my opinion globalization is a positive effect because it offers south Asian women more opportunity to provide for their families, in turn decreasing the poverty rate. On the same note, free trade is imperative to eliminating poverty and increasing global peace and prosperity (Jason 33).

Free trade is the key to eliminating poverty. In the last 25 years the number of people living in poverty decreased by more than half. Also the average life span in 3rd world countries was 45 years old but it now is 55 years old (Jason). This improvement will help the next generations to come. What is another