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Globalization of Enterprise 715 GE

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In Guyana, the more established companies have been seeking avenues to expand their markets overseas through exports and by establishing lower level strategic alliances. Hardly any local company has sought to globalize its production to increase its profitability. For any company looking to embark on international venture the interdependent political, economic and legal systems of the target country along with its underlying cultural fabric must be examined and analyzed in detail before any investment is made (Hill 2011, p.45).
In Guyana, a small English speaking, third world country in South America, the more established manufacturing companies have been seeking avenues to expand their markets first through exports and also by establishing lower level strategic alliances overseas. Denmor Garment Manufacturers (DGM) is one such SME within the apparel industry in Guyana that has benefited from the effects of Globalization by having contracts to manufacture specific designs from companies owning major brand names in the USA (which are looking to lower their production costs) as well as by exporting directly to major retailers overseas.

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