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Gloria Gutierrez
Competency 1: Providing a safe and healthy learning environment

Please add an introduction that describes all three components you will be discussing on your paper: health, safety and learning environment.

As a care provider, I will maintain a healthy and safe environment. Areas that must be cleaned and inspected daily are the play/learning area, bathroom/diapering area and the eating area. The outdoor play area should also be safe for the children. The areas must also be big enough for the children to play without tripping into furniture. Outlets should be covered with safety caps or other safety devices. When the kids are in classrooms, I, as a provider must make sure the area is safe. The classrooms should be inspected for leaks or chipping paint. The book cases should be bolted to the wall to keep from falling on the children. Toys should be inspected for anything broken or missing and should be repaired or thrown away. Also, toys should be wiped down with disinfectant wipes and should meet the current safety standards such as being non-toxic, non-flammable and/or water-based. The tables should be cleaned and probably more often since the tables may be used for multiple things, such as playing, writing and eating. The rugs should be vacuumed daily and floors should be swept and mopped. A list of current phone numbers with parent’s contact information and emergency services such as poison control, fire stations, police, and ambulance should be accessible in addition to a first aid kit. Fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detectors must be in place and operable. If the young children go outdoors to play there should be a rubber surface around the swings, slides, and monkey bars. No ice puddles or trash should be on the play-ground. Also, I will give lessons on not talking to strangers but also provide proper supervision. Also, I will have the emergency contact information for each child so I will know who the child can be released to. With these precautions I will provide a safe environment for children. In addition to maintain a safe environment, I will provide a healthy environment as well. Every day I will conduct observations while the parents are present to make sure children are in good health state. To help maintain a healthy environment I would teach the children the importance of hand washing. Hands should be washed with soap and water and to make it a bit more fun we can sing little songs like the ABC's and 2 happy birthday songs. This will help assure our hands are cleaned well. The children should wash their hands after eating, playing, and after bathroom use. It is also important for the young to sneeze and cough into a tissue or their elbow sleeve to prevent the spread of germs. When the children blow their nose, they should blow into a tissue. Children should also have their immunizations up-to-date. Also, I would encourage the parents to take the children to regular check-ups and dentist appointments. I will also incorporate health and nutrition information into daily activities. In addition to making sure children wash hands before and after meals. I will also provide children with meals that are healthy and that follow the NYS childcare center licensing regulations 418-1.12 nutrition. A list with children’s current food allergies will be posted where all staff could see it. My weekly menu comprises of two meals and a snack that provides two thirds (2/3) of the child’s daily nutritional needs. The two meals consist of breakfast and lunch which provides appropriate sized serving. For instance, a daily meal will consist of 1%milk, a cup of fruit and English muffin with jello for breakfast. For lunch: 1% milk, a fruit, some chicken and whole wheat slice. For snack: children will be given a fruit, milk and a bread stick. If the child has any allergies or religious exemptions to any food there will be accommodations. Some of