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Earthquake terms
Richter scale: used worldwide to describe an earthquake magnitude. It gives an estimate of the amount of energy used.
Seismology: Scientific study of the waves earthquakes generate
Seismologist: A person who studies seismology
Seismic waves: Consists of elastic energy which radiates out in all directions from the earthquake focus
Seismograph: An instrument that DETECTS AND RECORDS
Seismogram: PAPER COPY (candygram)
Seismometer: Inside the seismograph
Amplitude: size of waves the seismogram records, shows the amount of motion and energy detected
Primary Waves (p): fastest wave, travels through solids and liquids, LOW amplitude
Secondary Waves (s): slower wave, travels through solids, medium amplitude
Long Waves (L): slowest wave, travels along the earth’s crust… last on the seismogram, HIGH amplitude and causes the greatest destruction
Earthquake Definition: The vibration of the Earth produced by the rapid movement of the Earth’s blocks
Earthquake Focus: In the ground, the center of movement directly above an Earthquake focus
Liquefaction: when a solid or gas is turned into a liquid
What is the world’s biggest earthquake zone? Subduction zone, it happened when an edge of a plate is forced down under another edge
Modified marcali scale : description of the event, peoples experience
What’s stick slip motion: the process of bending storing and releasing energy.
Whats isostic rebound: when the buildup of pressure is down the pressure is released and it will rise again
Steps of stick slip motion: tectonic forces deform the rocks, rocks bend and store elastic energy, slippage occurs, rocks snap back, causes an earthquake
Earthquakes depts.: shallow, intermediate, deep
Causes of earthquakes: explosions

What does disaster mitigation measures do? Prepares for a disaster before they happen to eliminate or reduce the impacts and risks of hazards.
What are two types of disaster mitigation measures? : 1. Structural 2.Non-structural
What is a Crepe: movement of rock down a hill, (like a landslide)
San Andreas is a strike slip fault
What plates is hati directly above :– Caribbean and north American plate
Formula: elastic energy build up times how many years since the last earth.
What kind of plate causes the chili earthquake? : subduction
Mega thrust: snapback
Larges earthquake in Canada: hida gwi BC