Glow: Women ' s Suffrage and Stanton Essay

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Feminist Comparison Essay
Elizabeth Stanton’s speech, Sarah Grimke’s letter, and Sojourner Truth’s speech all have a similar central intention. That of Elizabeth Stanton’s speech was to demanded freedom and political representation for women. The central intention for Grimke’s letter was to voice the equality and rights that women have based on the Bible. Sojourner Truth’s speech’s intention was to state that rights for all women, not just whites, should be equal. Each of these writings consists of a strong feminist’s perspective.
In Emily Stanton’s speech, she begins with a comical tone. She uses creative diction to convey her comical tone. Stanton compares how men’s clothing is loosely flowing while women need to wear tight clothing to be considered to have beauty. Stanton uses phrases such as ”do not propose…to make our husbands just, generous, and courteous” and “shall not molest you in your philosophical experiments.” By this she is saying she is not there to change the change the way that men act and women will not judge them in their experiments to change the way they appear. Elizabeth creates imagery by describing a man’s attire. Stanton states “how tight the Russian belt may be drawn and yet have wind enough to sustain life.” She is comparing a man’s Russian belt to a woman’s corset and how when a corset is tightened, it constricts the woman’s breathing. Her tone then changes to a more serious tone. She uses strong diction to establish this more serious tone. Elizabeth repeats the phrase “The right is ours.” This statement justifies how women have the right to stand up for themselves and how women’s rights should not be decided by men. Stanton’s strategies are very