Glt1 Task 3

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Once the teenager is aware of her pregnancy, it is her responsibility to monitor her health, for the importance of her growing foetus, as well as herself. Pregnant teenagers should take into account the health care available for them, with the first step being an appointment with a paediatrician or gynaecologist, who can offer professional advice. Pregnancy will affect the teenager’s body in a physical aspect, like weight gain, as the baby begins to develop. Health implications can occur due to teenage mothers being less likely to obtain the recommend daily nutrients and vitamins to maintain adequate nutrition during and after the pregnancy. This will impact both the teenagers and the baby’s development through low birth weight, which is more common among ages 16-17 …show more content…
Due to the sexual intercourse that resulted in the pregnancy, the teenager must have used incorrect or no protection. This leads the teenager to be exposed to diseases that could harm them, as well as the baby. This could be reduced by improving access to health education and contraception amongst teenagers. The Department of Health have increased investment in different variations of contraception and how they are available, as well as supporting programs and implementing testing for Chlamydia and HIV by working with local authorities ( Public Health England, 2013). The objective of these specific services and communication schemes are to promote education for safe sex and pregnancies. This encouraging protective interventions should enable teenagers to feel more protected and comfortable with their sexual health. As the teenager’s pregnancy continues to develop, they may experience some discomfort in the form of back pain, nausea and fatigue. By attending regular checkups with a health professional, these complications can be minimized, as they will receive a suitable