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70% to 75% food products in the market contain GM ingredients to a certain extent (Salanti 2005). It shows that GM food is widely used. From 1996 to 2003 the amount of area grown GM crops has increased from 4.3 million acreages to 167.2 million acreages, it has been increased 40 times in this 8 years period.
Mass planting GM crops all around the world rises up environmental issues. Numbers of facts show that GM crops are hazard to the environment. Firstly, planting GM food will cause soil contamination. Secondly, growing GM crops also affects animals like insects. Thirdly, GM crops change gene of other non-target organisms. In conclusion, planting GM food is hazard to environment.
GM crops are being made to resistance their natural enemies. However, after days and days, insects become resistance to these toxins inside GM crops. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) corn and Bt cotton are genetically modified to produce Bt toxins to resistant these insects. Studies found that after 243 days Bt toxin is still present in the soil (Salanti 2005). There was not any experiment been carried on after 243 days but what can be sure is Bt toxin will stay in the soil for a long time. Large amount of pesticide are also been used during the growth of GM crops. Pesticide been carried by rainwater and during irrigation. Soil is contaminated by these two ways.
A Laboratory study published in Nature shows that pollen Bt corn should be