Gm Foods Persuasive Essay

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For the past twenty years, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been in use; in fact, 70-80% of the food the United States consumes are GMOs. Out of all the first world nations, only the United States and Canada allow GMOs. The other first world nations have either banned or have restrictions on production and sales of GM products. GMOs are organisms with genetic modifications made by gene modification, recombinant DNA, or transgenic technology. These methods allow for new breeds of organisms that do not occur naturally. Since GM crops do not occur naturally, this raises the question if they are actually safe to consume and if there are any negative side effects. Since the 1990s, farmers have been using GMO seeds to grow their crops; …show more content…
GM products are one of the most tested products in history. In fact, in the United States, they have to go through about 7-10 years of testing before they can be sold to the public. The tests evaluate if they have any risks to humans, animals, or the environment. In addition, researchers look at the peptides and proteins in the products to see if they will create any allergic reactions or any other effects. Furthermore, over 17000 studies have been done with no harmful effects found; in fact, it was found the GMO foods are just as safe and nutritious as non-GMO foods. Since scientists are able to change the proteins in GM foods, they are able to add nutrients and benefits to them. For example, some tomatoes have been engineered to resist frost and to be protective against disease. In addition, a new type of rice, golden rice, was developed to be filled with vitamin A. Golden rice was developed for third world countries to help counteract vitamin A deficiency in children, which lead to blindness. However, due to the controversy over GMOs, the golden rice has not been out to the market, meaning that thousands of children are suffering from blindness, which could have been prevented. In short, GMOs are rigorously tested before they are put out to the open, and they are nutritious and beneficial for humans to