Gm Foods Persuasive Essay

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As the human population and the need for efficient farming increases, genetically modified foods have become more common. However, speculation is rising as these genetically modified (GM) are spreading throughout the world. While producers of these foods insist that they are safe and desirable, scientists argue that GM foods are dangerous. Genetically modified foods should be available in the global food supply only if they are safe to humans and ecosystems. As the demand for food rises, the need for genetically modified foods is increasing. Source B supports the use of GM foods because it is the future of foods and farming. Human population is rising and more people are able to afford food. As a result, the demand for food is only increasing. …show more content…
They have started to realize that it keeps food cheap and efficient. Source E believes that if consumers are educated they will understand the benefits of using GM foods. The use of chemicals keeps food cheap and plentiful so that it is accessible to almost everyone. GM technology is the only thing keeping the world from food scarcity and hunger. When it comes to genetically modified foods, the benefits outweigh the risks. Source F states that the risks are exaggerated and that GM foods are not only safe, but imperative. There are thorough tests done to ensure that these foods are safe for humans and ecosystems. Even if there are some risks there is almost no chance of it happening. In the end, the benefits of GM foods are much more important than it’s minimal and rare risks. Although genetically modified food receives speculation, they are necessary for humans to survive. Sources B, E, and F all prove that GM foods are safe, beneficial, and a necessity. It has been proven that these foods are favored by consumers, have more advantages than dangers, and are the future of farming. GM foods must be accepted or there will be food shortages and starvation all across the world. As long as genetically modified foods are safe for humans and the ecosystem, they should be a part of the global food