Gm591 - Life Styles Inventory (Lsi) Results Essay

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Keller Graduate School of Management [pic]

GM 591: Life Styles Inventory – Survey results for John Hastings

Instructor: Rick Roechnes

Date: 09-JAN-2010


1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Personal Thinking Styles (Part I) 3 2.1 Primary thinking & Back up thinking style 4 2.2 Limiting thinking style 4 3.0 Impact on Management Style (Part II) 5 3.1 Planning 5 3.2 Organizing 6 3.3 Leading 6 3.4 Controlling 6 4.0 Genesis of Personal Styles (Part III) 6 5.0 Conclusion and Reflection (Part IV) 8


Human Synergistic International’s Life style Inventory survey has provided me with very insightful information on my thinking and
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My first few years of my work played a big role in my approval & dependent style. Most of the managers I worked under were power oriented. Some the character traits included a high need for power, status, prestige, influence, and control. In effective team management members are usually provided with directions, whereas my managers gave team members instructions. Some of these managers enjoyed giving orders and feeling in control. The managers felt that each and every decision had to be met with their approval. My speculation is that these initial job experiences were primary reason for my dependent and approval style. My competitive thinking style would be mainly attributed to the Indian educational system. Education should be about gaining knowledge unfortunately in the schools and universities I attended it was more like a race to victory. For example, In United States education systems uses grades like A, A-, B etc. to group together student performances. But, in Indian curriculum marks are used to grade students. A student who acquired 95% is considered first rank whereas student who managed 94.5% is ranked 2nd. This usually ends up in the association of self-worth with winning and losing. Lets now look at the positive side, affiliative thinking style is one my biggest strengths. I moved to Europe when I was young for my work. I was posted to work on a project at Bratislava, Slovak republic for my first assignment. I ended