Essay on GMO Gene Pollution

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Leodan Galindo
Miss Lucca
English 12
13 March 2014
G.M.G Cross-pollination
Genetically modified genes that are spread to other organisms should be treated as contamination not patent infringement. Cross-pollination is a process, which humans cannot control; therefore it is irrational to use it as bases for patenting infringement. Companies do not have the right to claim ownership of an organism just because it contains a engineered gene. This unreasonable police of ownership of life by a private body have lead to untold consequences. G.M.Gs must be made publically owned if they can spread to different organisms.
Genetic contaminations of G.M.Gs to traditional crops are a very real issue. In April, The Wall Street Journal tested twenty food products labeled "GMO free" and found that sixteen of them contained at least traces of genetically modified ingredients. The farmers did not had control of this cross pollination but yet companies that own the genes are able to sue the farmers claiming they “ stole” their property. Farmers of organic produce are also being affected due to the contamination of their fields. In 2010 a western Australian organic farmer, Stephen marsh, sued Monsano over the contamination of his farm by GMO canola. He was forced to settle outside of court dude to his inability to afford lawyer fees and lost his organic certification after 70% of his field was found to be contained. How can a company sue over stealing of a gene when it is know accidental contamination is a common issue? Do they have no liability?
Companies have ruined the point of genetically altered genes. Originally they were intended increase food production for the benefit of humanity, but now are limiting our crops and damaging our environment. GM corn does not grow any different from normal corn except that it is resident to Monsanto’s Round Up herbicide. This corn is the exclusive property of the company, therefore making the planting for of seed from a previous harvest illegal. Saving seed is a process that has been used by farmers access the world since the creation of cultivation of crops but know monsano feels its has the ability to just sue anyone for doing what we have always done. Monsano famously sued a seed cleaner Moe Parr stating he had “ illegally cleaned patented seeds “. Moe had no way of telling patented seeds for conventional seeds, but due to Monsanto’s huge financial and political backing he was forced into settling out of court with undisclosed terms , but hinted he was required to give away the information of all his clients. One more list of people for monsano to claim had “ infringed on there patents “.
Some people argue that companies have the right to sue for the using of there GM genes and say that they only win in court because they have valid points. But if companies are so set on the protection of their GM