Gmo: Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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What are GMO’s? GMO’s are Genetically Modified Organisms; they are any food product that has been altered at the gene level.
“Genetically modified foods are also frequently described as “genetically engineered” or “genetically manipulated” (What). GMO mainly consist with farmers and their crops. For centuries farmers have been trying to make our food better by crossbreeding crops to make them taste better, healthier and heartier. We are allowing scientist to put different kinds of genetic engineering genes into our food. This is not only concerning to the farmers but also the people who are buying the food. Scientist are currently practicing this technique which is very different from what traditional crossbreeding farmers practice. For example “With this technology, scientists have created tomatoes with a longer shelf life by adding flounder genes, soy beans that are resistant to weed killers, potatoes that produce their own pesticides, and potatoes with jellyfish genes that glow in the dark when they need water” (What). Genetic engineers are also working to develop fruits, vegetables, and grains with higher levels of vitamins and foods that contain vaccines against diseases like malaria, cholera and hepatitis” (What).
Despite what you might think scientist are not going around with a needle and injecting things into your fruits and vegetables. The way it works is by using genetic engineering to make predictable changes to the DNA of plants. The seeds are then grown on farms just like any other ordinary crops. The most important question to ask is, is it safe for us to eat? The answer is yes. GMO crops have the same nutrition value and coon as non-GMO crops. Foods from GMOS are digested the same way as non-GMO crops. They are created to fit certain traits that will fit specific needs such as resistance to diseases and insects. For example, is corn which started out as a tropical grass called Teosinte with small, nearly inedible kernels? Over