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Genetically Modified Food and Weight As humans become more over weight, we face a lot of difficulties with health concerns that shortens our lives. But why are humans suddenly over eating and becoming overweight? Genetically modified foods are foods that have only been around for the last couple of decades, and they have been altered so they thrive in their environment. Typically, modifications are used to withstand pesticides, withstand cold, and to grow faster and bigger. Genetically modified foods are causing humans to over eat because they are not filled with the same nutrients, our bodies can't digest the food the same, and it causes humans to grow bigger, faster. Genetically modified food may look like its original counterpart but there are some major differences. The amount of nutrients the new genetically modified food has is one of those differences and it affects our bodies. Genetically modified food can have as much nutrients as its original, but due to unintentional alteration they often fall short. In Dr. John B. Fagan's article, he explains how with genetically modified food you can get unintended effects by using a peanut and a tomato as an example. In his example he states that if you take one gene from the peanut and put it in the tomato you can have unintended affect of a person that is allergic to peanuts becoming allergic to that tomato. He continues by stating current genetically engineered procedures and developing procedures can also have unintentional alteration, that as of current regulations could potentially not be tested for. Genetic engineering places new genes which create new proteins and can change the cellular metabolism. With the alteration in metabolism the food could fail to make some important vitamins and minerals.(Fagan). Since genetically modified food have some unintentional alterations, these unintended alterations could effect humans in a way that changes their metabolism that would require them to over eat. These unintended alteration could also change the nutritional value making the person malnourished. If people are malnourished their bodies will be craving the nutrients it needs in order to function and they will have to eat more to get those nutrients. The article “Compositional differences in soybeans on the market: Glyphosate accumulates in Roundup Ready GM soybeans” did a study on Iowa soybeans and the article concluded “The organic soybeans had significantly higher levels of total protein and lower levels of linoleic acid LA (18:2n6) and palmitic acid PA (16:0).” (T. Bøhn, M. Cuhra, T. Traavik, M. Sanden, J. Fagan, R. Primicerio , section 4.3). Lower levels of protein in genetically modified foods cause less nutrients for build and repairing tissues. Linoleic acid and palmitic acid are both fatty acids that are good for our bodies in small amount, excess of these acids have been linked to health issues including cardiovascular diseases. This article proves John Fagan's theory that nutritional values could be weakened with genetically modified food. The absence of all of the nutrition in genetically modified food has to be filled from some where, and so our bodies only have one choice, to indulge in food to get what it needs. Nutrition is the building blocks of our bodies and without it our bodies won't function. That's why people overeat because genetically modified food does not have all the nutrition organic food has. Our bodies go through many steps to digest our food, but with genetically modified food our bodies struggle to digest it. Our bodies need to digest our food to get the nutrition out of it and if our bodies our only digesting a portion of the food then our bodies will want more food to digest and get the nutrients it needs. Professor Åshild Krogdahl of the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science conducted some experiments, one experiment she fed 2 group of rats corn, one group genetically modified corn, and the other regular corn. In one of her other