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English 1020
3 – 5 pages
100 points possible

Final Draft Due: ________________________

Using one or more poems of your choice, write a thesis-driven, argumentative analysis. You may select one of the following prompts or develop your own thesis question to address (with instructor approval). Use the language of analysis and argument addressed in our text as well as in class discussions.

1. Compare and contrast two of the poems we read. Or, compare and contrast one of the poems from our class with song lyrics of your choice.
Remember to answer the big “So what?” question. In other words, have a purpose behind your comparison, possibly to help your reader make a decision or have a better understanding about a subject.
Your paper should present, important, parallel points of comparison/contrast.
Your paper should arrange the points in a logical organization.
Diction, style, tone comparisons?
Two Suggestions:
Baca’s “The Other Side of the Mountain” with Updike’s “Ex-Basketball Player.”
Baca’s “A Daily Joy to be Alive” with any Gerard Manley Hopkins poem.

2. What is the significance of the title of Philip Levine’s poem, “What Work Is”?

3. Consider the theme or themes in one or more poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins. What is the effect of his use of imagery?

4. What desert places is the speaker in Frost’s poem, “Desert Places,” referring to?

5. Select more than one of Frost’s poems, what themes are consistent in them? How are these themes conveyed?

6. Examine a poem or poems. How does imagery convey the theme?
7. Select two or more poems (or a poem and short story). What conclusions can you make about men, women, love, and marriage?

8. Select a poem or poems that are unusual in language and syntax choice. Why does the poet depart from conventional English, vocabulary, and / or rhythm?
9. Select a poem or poems. Which of the “five W’s” (who, what, when, where, and why) are addressed (450 -51)? Which questions are left unanswered? Why?
10. How does Anne Sexton’s “Cinderella” differ from the tale you are familiar with? Why did Sexton make the changes she did? Cite the traditional “Cinderella” tale you refer to in your analysis.

20 Points Persuasive thesis (main point) and demonstrated ability to fulfill the assignment:
An argumentative thesis statement appears at the beginning or end of your introduction.
The writing addresses the thesis statement throughout the paper.
The writing responds to the assignment. The writing evidences the use of critical thinking skills—ideas and materials are synthesized and analyzed.
20 Points Body Paragraphs:
Body paragraphs are unified. “P.I.E.” is evidenced—
Body paragraphs have a POINT that is related to the thesis statement in your