Gmos Argumentative Essay

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We’ve read about them in newspapers, journals, and in social media. Scientists are known

for their prehistoric research dating back many years. We continue to discuss with

Family and Friends about them. GMOs, genetically modified organisms. GMOs is genetically

altered foods. Arguments over GMOs have circled around environmental impacts,

human health, and corporate globalization. GMOs are commonly used in

processed foods. In theory, modified crops and animals are friendly to the environment because

of water, energy and soil preservation. The plus side of GMOs are, farmers produce more

nutritious foods. Such as, tomatoes, soybeans, corn, canola, and other leafy vegetables.

Contrary to the mis-conceptions only a few GMO crops in
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And, only a minority of Americans perceive scientists as having a strong understanding of the health risks and benefits of Gm foods”. (

Younger adults are more likely than older adults to consider genetically modified foods are a

health risk. About (50%) between the ages of 18 to 29 have said GMOs are worse for one’s

health than the non-GMO foods. Approximately 3 out of 10 (29%) ages 65- older agree.

Women are more convincing when it comes to GMO foods, (42%) say the ingredients are worse

for our health, and unsafe to eat, while 36% of men are more apt to say GMOs foods are neither

better nor worse for our health. Foods with genetically modified ingredients have been

available to Americans since the 1990s when U.S. farmers started to use genetically engineered