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1. What are the components of any information system?
Input Processing Output Feedback and Forecasting,

2. What is the difference between data, information, and knowledge? Give examples of each.
Data consists of raw facts.
Information is a collection of facts organized and processed so that they have additional value beyond the value of the individual facts.
Knowledge is the awareness and understanding of a set of information and the ways that information can be made useful to support a specific task or reach a decision.
Data: 1 1 3 3 3 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7
Information: They are some numbers. And most people choose 7 as their favorite.
Knowledge: The sales manager can see that number 7 is liked by most people. So he may decide to make more jersey with number 7.

3. Identify at least six characteristics of valuable information.
Accessible. Accurate, Complete, Economical. Flexible. Relevant. Reliable. Secure. Simple. Timely. Verifiable.

4. What is a computer-based information system? What are its components?
A CBIS is a single set of hardware, software, databases, telecommunications, people and procedures that are configured to collect, manipulate, store and process data into information.
The components of a CBIS: hardware, software, database, telecommunications, people and procedures.

5. What are the most common types of CBIS used in business organization today? Give an example of each,
E-commerce and m-commerce Amazon
TPS and ERP Payroll system
MIS and DSS Dell
Specialized business information systems. AI

6. What is the difference between e-commerce and m-commerce?
E-commerce involves any business transaction executed electronically between parties such as companies, company and consumers, business and the public sector, and consumers and the public sector. M-commerce are transactions