Essay on Goal and Field. Talk Abt Dcf

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Be able to explain what IB does and why you like it. Talk about how you do different things everyday, work on different stages of different deals. Talk about how IB fits both short-term goals and long-term goals by giving you the skills to work in any other finance field.Talk abt DCF. Calculate Net cash flow. Divide it by 1+APV/WACC raised to the number of years down the road. In the last year of valuation, add NCF and TV and divide it. TV is CF in that year multiplied by 1+g divided by WACC/APV – g. Illustrate how education has prepared you for the job. Talk about how the courses you’ve taken have given finance skills such as valuation. But also taken enough liberal arts courses to make you well-rounded. Figure out what each firm prides itself on and talk about how you like it. w/ boutiqes, only mention other boutique firms you apply to and show you’re focused on them. Do the same for bulge brackets. Mention how the firm is different from others and why it interests you. Reference WSJ articles and highlight the firm, talk about its high ranking in certain areas, talk about certain people you meet whom you liked. teaches completely new students all about every industry out there. Gives clear guidelines on all sorts of questions students might have and is very clear to understand. Explains which firms specialize in what and their future outlook will be like. Allows students with little info to make very informed decisions about their future and whatever career they choose. I would talk to my assocs, VPs, MDs, and colleagues about all