Goal Paper

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Professor Terry Benjamin
English 101-011
2 february 2012
Narrative Essay
The Story of an Achieved Goal

I was a witness to the mental and physical abuse of the little girl who lived next door. Her name is Asia, brave and the smartest six year old I had ever known, she lived with her mother, the abuser. Every day I heard screams of an innocent child and saw the doings of a neglecting mother. Asia’s' mother had an addiction to drugs, and her father didn't come around much. Knowing this made me want to do everything i could to help her get out of a situation that she didnt want to be in. Almost every morning Asia, her mom and I would leave out the same time to catch the bus to school and every little thing Asia did while on our way to school she had gotten beat for. Toward the middle of the school year Asia missed a lot of days out of school, I would ask her why, and she would tell me that her mommy was always sleep. There were times when Asia would knock on our door and ask for something to eat and one particular day she had gotten caught, I’m not sure what exactly happened afterwards but I know that the next morning Asia had looked as if she was in a fight. The situation had gotten so bad to where offered to take her to school in the morning and watch her after to make sure she was safe on her way to school and fed after. Sometimes Asia would hide under my bed and wouldn't come out when she knew it was time for her to leave. I have a soft spot for children and hate to see them hurt, or in danger. I was so concerned for her safety and well being that I called the police. When the police arrived they were informed of the situation and nothing was done so I decided to take it to the next level and with connections, social services was informed. Social services did nothing about the situation, they claimed that they couldn’t investigate because I didn’t live in the household and only someone who live in the house would have to make the call. By this I was saddened, and made me feel as though they weren’t doing their job and didn’t care because if so they would have done something which they did nothing. After thinking and trying to come up with solutions I thought to myself, "only if everyone in the world was like me, one who cares and is willing to help others, then this little girl wouldn’t be in this situation", then I realized that everyone isn’t like me and that it