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My goals for the 3rd quarter. Name __Jacob Rubin___ Needs/Goals | What I will do to work toward my goals | EOC/FCAT Goals | I will: | I want to pass my EOC to obtain my high school credit. | * Turn in all EOC and FCAT review assignments. | I want to get a 5 on the Math FCAT. | * Use CUBES on every problem to ensure I don’t make a simple mistake. | | * Double check all of my work by putting the answer that I got back into the problem. | | * Work diligently during team time to complete all of my EOC and FCAT prep assignments. | | * Ask questions about topics I still struggle with. | | * Use Khan and Odyssey as study tools to practice and review old concepts. | | * Come to tutoring to work on surface area and volume because I still have trouble with that learning target. | Homework Goals | | I need to turn in all math assignments. | * Leave my planner on the corner of my desk at all times. As soon as I hear a homework assignment, I will write them down in my planner. | I need to get higher scores on my homework assignments. | * Check the Google Calendar on Ms. Lundsten’s blog EVERYDAY. | I need to stop putting off assignments until the last minute. | * Check the odd numbered problems in the back of the book BEFORE I turn in my homework. | | * Check my answers with a person from my class. | | * Ask my parents to look over my answers. | | * Attend Ms. Lundsten’s Thursday after school tutoring session so she can help me with homework and she can check my assignments. | | * Start my homework on the day that it is due. | | * Break large assignments up into smaller pieces. I will write each chunk in my planner so that I can see what I should do for each day. | Math Grade Goals | | I want to get at least a B for 3rd quarter. | * Complete any extra credit assignments that are given throughout the quarter. | My math post test scores are low. | * Recycle all homework and quizzes given to me during a unit. | I make a lot of simple mistakes that can be easily corrected. | * Turn in all assigned work. | I don’t double check my work. | * If I am not understanding, I will schedule a time with Ms. Lundsten to get extra help. | | * Pay close attention during lessons, ask questions, and take good notes. | | * Do extra practice (other than what’s already assigned) during the unit. | | * Study my notes and practice problems at least 20 minutes each night to keep the information fresh in my mind. | | * Slow down on tests and quizzes. I need to work every problem out at least twice. | | * Start taking what I write in my recycling seriously, and as I’m taking a test, I will look for the mistakes I make often. | Work Habits and Behavior | | Paying Attention During Mini LessonI zone out a lot during class.I talk to others around me during the lesson.I get distracted very easily. | * Ask Ms. Lundsten to call on me periodically to help me pay attention. * Ask the people around me to ignore me if I talk to them. * Check with a buddy at my table if I zone out to see what information I missed. * Take notes continuously to help me pay attention. * Ask questions during class to help me pay attention. | Note-takingI can’t understand my notes when I get home.After I take notes in class, I never look at or use them again. | * Write down everything that Ms. Lundsten writes down. * Make my notes neat and legible. * Find a person in class who takes organized notes and copy theirs until I become a better note taker.