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Literature Review The Goal-setting theory is that the process of motivating employees and clarifying their role perceptions by establishing performance objectives and it is more complex than simply telling someone to ‘do your best’ (McShane, Travaglione and Olekalns, 2010). Locke’s research was a relationship between how difficult and specific a goal was and people’s performance of a work and he found that specific and difficult goals led to better task performance than vague or easy goals. Locke’s stated that allocates feedback and evident goals motivates employees and when employees worked towards a goal, it pioneers a main source of motivation within the employees to actually reach the goal. Latham also conduct research which reinforced the need to specify goals correctly for achieve better results. This is a standard for assessing one’s satisfaction that one is trying to increase revenue almost 30 percent that one will not be fully satisfied until that goal is attained. In 990, Locke and Latham published five principles of goal setting such as clarity, challenge, commitment, feedback and complexity. Clarity is that goals must be clear and specific to be the most effective and challenge means that goals must be reasonably challenging and realistic to have the most impact. Commitment is old management formula and it is combine participation and involvement. Feedback must be able to measure progress for achieving your goals. Lastly, Complexity is that people are announced a complex goal which is important to give them adequate time firstly to learn what is needed and then complete the goal.
Following apply the theory of goal setting, the SMART goal is that make any change necessary to ensure it meets the criteria for this which a five steps of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based goals. Specifics help us to target our efforts and clearly describe what, why and how going to do and make curtain the goals set is very specific, clear and easy. If you cannot measure something, it cannot manage and measurable process can see the change exist also demonstrate concrete criteria for measuring process toward the attainment of each goal you set. Attainable is that develop attitudes, abilities skills and financial capacity to reach them and a goal needs to expand you slightly so you feel you can do it and it will need a real commitment from you. Realistic is that the learning curve is not a vertical incline and the skills needed to do the work are available. This project may push the skills and knowledge of the people working on it but it should not break them. Timely set a timeframe for the goal such as for next week, in four months, by third grade in addition, putting a last point on your goal gives you a distinct focus to work towards. The strengths and benefit of goal setting theory is one of the most popular theories due to wide support provided by extensive observed research and it is relative restraint as compared to other theories (Locke, Latham, 2002). According to Latham goal setting has been found to motivate individuals and is a critical key to self-management also goal setting creates a substitute purpose for work. The limitation and weaknesses of this, Locke organize that participants who were given difficult performance goals increased risk strategies to improve performance in addition, a limitation that can…