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Goal Statement by A Paper To
Robert R. Walton
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Bachelor of Arts Degree

Education, Learning and Identity
School of New Resources
The College of New Rochelle
May 6th, 2013
I will seek to learn, for learning is the basis for growth, and growing is the key to living. In doing this I will discover my path to the career God created for me. Remembering where I have been and where I will go through maintaining positive relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Ultimately, by using networking strategies, of which I am continuing to develop throughout my educational and professional career. I will give, for giving is what I do best and I can learn to do better. By helping others as I have been helped throughout my life, will assist my passion in serving others as God has intended. While respecting my choice in being ethical, I will be making a personal commitment to honesty and integrity. In creating habits of understanding, for understanding is the key to finding value and value is the basis for respect, decisions, and action. To find serenity within myself by looking inward while using my heart to guide my dreams and desires, and my mind to pursue knowledge, creating balance among all of my obligations. I will teach myself and others to love and laugh, to learn and grow beyond their current bounds. To satisfy myself in my surroundings so I will always know where security lies within my life.