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Goals and Perspectives of Psychology

Psychology is a strictness that asks and answers the obvious question of, why do we act the way we do and decide the way we decide? The leading way to distinguish the difference of between all ideas is to pinpoint them as major perspectives. The major perspectives of psychology depict the principle belief that research questions and methods should be used to answer the questions of psychology. Mostly all the perspectives explain psychology as the study of human behavior and mental processes, but the causes of behavior and mental processes are not always clear. Psychology primarily centers itself on the study of a persons emotions, behavior, and personality. Many people nonetheless have unalike varieties of social way of life and pretty much life in general. Psychologists over time found an unchallenging method on how separate the personalities, by organizing and breaking them all down into seven clear perspectives. I have chosen to write about the three that reach out to me the most.
The humanistic perspective outlines a person who has a positive attitude towards being a human. A humanistic person concludes that instead of being restricted inside humanity by destiny, a human has no restrictions and can do what they want, when they so please. In the way ordinary person chooses to live and confronts life is pretty much what humanist’s key in on, it is also believed that every individual automatically deserves to have a great quality of life and respect.
Socio-Cultural Perspective describes society and civilization. Unlike the other perspectives, the socio-cultural perspective notices that the mental state can be impacted by culture and social status. All people are different and so is their culture and social status, culture has been identified as 'the way of life for an entire society of people, but it also puts a lot of restraints on someone. Social life can change the mind by determining behavior or another cognitive process. In many ways, the cognitive perspective may be extremely affected by the socio-culture perspective. Cognitive Perspective is a person's mind, the way the mind processes information is the cognitive perspective. This may include learning, memory, thought, and the understanding of simplistic things. How information is absorbed and stored, is another focus that relates to these processes. The use of scientific