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Business Goals
One main goal of the new system is to increase the revenue of the restaurant. There are numerous ways in which this system can reduce spending within the business. The system will be able to reduce the ordering process. Because you can order as soon as you are ready, rather than waiting for your waiter or waitress to arrive at your table, orders can get in and out of the kitchen more quickly. When people are served faster, more tables are free. With more free tables you can accommodate a larger number of people, rather than losing them to another restaurant because of the wait-time. Having a new, state of the art innovation in our restaurant will draw attention to our business. The curiosity of customers will increase the flow of patrons into our restaurant. Serving additional clients directly relates to increased profit. As long as reviews of the new system are positive, the publicity will benefit the company. Our system will be able to take the place of currently employed waiters and waitresses. Reducing the number of employees will increase finances by cutting back on the number of employees that need to be paid. Obviously the new system is not cheap, but it is an investment that will eventually make up its cost.
Additionally, all of the glossy, colorful menus and seasonal promotional pamphlets can get expensive. All of the information can be displayed on the built-in tabletop screen and updated for promotions. Also, there are numerous tax credits that can be awarded to business for implementing green technologies. Cutting back on printing costs is sure to decrease spending resulting in increased revenue. Another one of our goals is to reach and accommodate a broader range of people in our restaurants. Pittsburgh is made up of a variety of people who come from many different backgrounds, religions, and nationalities. The customers that our restaurant originally served were truckers who came from all over the country with various ethnic backgrounds. Pittsburgh in the 1930’s was the new home of many people who recently emigrated here from all parts of the world. Since there were many different people living in this region then, as there are now, there have always been language barriers that can influence how business is conducted. We believe that by introducing this technology into our restaurants we can help eliminate language barriers that still exist in the city of Pittsburgh today. For some non-native English speakers in Pittsburgh, ordering food in a restaurant can be a challenge for both the customer and the server taking their order. If a person experiences difficulty expressing their requests to their server, they are most likely going to refrain from attending certain places and take their business elsewhere. We believe our customers deserve an easy ordering process without experiencing any discomfort or shame while ordering their meal. By implementing this system in our restaurants, we will be making the order process easier for non-native speakers and the deaf/mute community. Upon customer’s arrival and seating, they will be able to select which language they would like to read their menu in on their ordering device. This will help eliminate any confusion or miscommunication for both parties and ensure that the customer is able to receive the food they requested and not something else by mistake. This ordering system will also accommodate customers with specific dietary needs or allergies. There is only so much space on a regular menu offered today, nobody wants to be handed a 20 page brick full of every detail associated with the food options of that particular restaurant. This means that details such as dietary information are more likely to be left out in order to make space for other items. By not including all the information, customers become ill-informed on their choices which can lead to dissatisfaction and even allergic reactions, in some cases. This new ordering system has all the