Goals and structure for teachers Essay

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How Can I Use Research in My Profession
EDU 508/ Educational Research Methods

How Can I Use Research in My Profession
My two academic goals are goal structure and teachers’ sense of efficacy in classroom help teaching experience and academic learning. Goal structures reflect the motivational reflect the motivational beliefs. It promotes instructional policies and procedures within academic scenery. Teachers’ sense of efficacy discusses individuals’ beliefs about their ability to accomplish serious instructional tasks. Teachers’ sense of efficacy is used to explain the classroom mastery goal structure in research. The aspects of teachers’ sense of efficacy has greater proposal for teaching experience. Where, goal structures are associated with academic level.
Goal structure has a great impact on behavior, learning, motivation and academic achievement. It has a direct link to engage learning and performance motivation. Motivation has been used to inspire teachers and students. It helps increase students' academic performance. Although research on motivation is broad, few researchers have observed teachers' insights of teacher motivation and how it impact on student achievement. Also, it focus on adaptive cognitive, affective and achievement outcomes.
Teachers sense of efficacy focus on instructional goals for students. Teachers are more organize and deliver and plan their lesson plan effectively. They set high goals. They are willing to try new ideas and experiment. They give students praise even if they don’t answer a question right. They provide help to students that need it. They face challenges and setback day by day. It keeps students motivated, involved and invests time for learning.
I have a major in childcare management and minor in early childhood education. I would like to teach kindergarten but I teach preschool. However, my ultimate number one goal is to achieve my k-3 licensure and have a dream job. I have come to know the value of education and my desire to inspire the same sense of structure in students. I am excited and heartwarming to know that I might have an impact so great on young children life.
As a teacher, I engage in ongoing cycle of observing, guiding children learning, and assessing in children progress. I interact with the children continuously. I help them make decision about when and how to respond in order to meet individual and group needs. I develop a weekly lesson plan with essential domains. I follow a daily routine and get the children ready for transition. I work with the parents to get children ready for kindergarten. I always invite parents to volunteer in the classroom. My job impact my children and parents because I work with both as a team and enforcing discussion, encouraging reading and writing, and expecting involvement from my students as a whole.
My first annotate outside source is the state must develop and support a world class of educational system. It has to ensure that there is high quality and effective teacher and administrator that are ready to meet the challenges of